In this section we highlight some key principles of inclusive communication and argue that inclusive communication is vital for all communities. Each of us has a responsibility to make the world accessible for everyone in our lives.

Building on the principle ‘Communication is a two-way process of understanding others and expressing yourself’ this section will stress the importance of communication partnerships and highlight resources to help you find out about preferred communication approaches and skills of both partners. 

Self-Directed Support offers people greater choice and control over their lives. Personal outcomes become an important way to describe how someone wishes to live their life. It is important to genuinely listen to the personal outcomes that are important for people. This section outlines various ways to hear directly from people what outcomes are important to them.

This section details various ways to present information about people’s communication support needs so that communication partners know best how to present information.

This section describes how people can be involved in recruiting others to organisations and also to their own support teams. It outlines a number of key considerations and also highlights resources to be used at all stages of recruitment. 

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